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Perfect Phone Holder

Perfect Phone Holder


Our ultra-durable, made-in-the-USA, magnetic phone holder can't be beat! Perfect for an active lifestyle, this phone holder is the must-have companion for golf games, fishing trips, workouts, ATV/UTV excursions, camping, and even home cooking and construction job-site management. Its powerful, technology-safe magnets ensure the phone holder won't lose its grip. Best of all, you don't have to remove your phone case! The Perfect Phone Holder is universally sized to fit any iPhone model including your case (except for battery cases). It's the perfect accessory at the perfect price.


We currently only sell/ship domestic orders. Three to five-day shipping anywhere in the US. 

  • Disclaimer

    Although this product has been rigourously tested, there is possibility for it to become dislodged if the object it is attached to suffers abnormal impact. PPH LLC will not be liable for any damages to you phone caused by such an event. 

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